ORME, huh?

Orme, me yeah, that’s who.  It sounds like saying Norm without the “N”, hence the name of this site. I’m also known in some circles as the “colorful one” because of my penchant for fashion in bright colors (specifically pink) and my addiction to sneakers… all saying loudly “I came here to chew bubble gum and make cool stuff.”

So… Hey, this is my new portfolio site, all served up fresh and tasty via WordPress.  It should be ever-evolving along with my PHP skillz, so bear with me.

FYI I pretty much do everything under the sun, that keeps me interested and having fun. From concept and design, to pre pro, production to finishing, iDIG-IT-AL. I’m cool with playing follow the leader, working on my own, or heading up a crew of talent.

Check out the site, I hope you like what you see.

Stay tuned here for all my latest and greatest.


Here’s my current resume

Download CV/Resume in Word format

You can reach me at
415.305.5827 or